Waltham Forest open engagement surveys on Mini Holland projects

Have your say in Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest has been successful in its bid to Transport for London for £30m to fund a Mini Holland cycling programme to radically improve the borough’s cycling infrastructure and support a step change in the numbers of local people choosing to cycle.

Two of their key projects are to create a superhighway on Lea Bridge Road, with segregated cycle tracks; improved pedestrian crossing facilities and high quality street improvements with a new cycle friendly junction at Whipps Cross. As well as improve Blackhorse Village area to make it safer for all road users; encourage more residents and visitors to walk and cycle; and improve access to local amenities.

As part of their plans they've launched a survey to gather feedback from local business and residents which will be used to inform the full consulation later this year. 

The surveys close on the 31st March 2015.

Do take part if you live or work in the area. You can read more about what's planned in Waltham Forest as part of the Mini Holland programme. Or find out how to get involved with our local group in the area, Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign. Got a question about Mini Hollands? Read the local groups' handy Q&A.

Lea Bridge Road Scheme

Info from the council website

Lea Bridge Road is one of the key routes in the borough running from the Whipps Cross Roundabout to the Lee Valley Ice Centre near the Hackney Boundary. The road is used by up to 30,000 vehicles and 1,500 cyclists every day and is primarily used by people travelling through the borough into neighbouring Hackney and further into the heart of London.

Over the past five years, accidents resulting in injury to pedestrians and cyclists have increased. Between 2009 and 2013 a total of 173 cyclists and 68 pedestrians were injured on the road, including 24 serious accidents and 1 fatality. Changes are needed to make the road easier to navigate and to improve safety.

As part of the Mini-Holland Programme Lea Bridge Road will receive funding to build upon the recent Bakers Arms regeneration and transform the street, particularly to increase pedestrian footfall and the number of people who cycle.

The scheme will change the area, making significant improvements to public spaces, junctions, bridges, footways and cycling facilities. We want Lea Bridge Road to be a street for everyone and ensure businesses along it are able to thrive, so that it becomes a place people want to visit.

The Lea Bridge Road scheme aims to:

  • Make cycling and walking a more attractive and convenient option, whilst relieving traffic congestion
  • Transform the look of the road into a thriving high street and place for community interaction, increasing footfall and business opportunities
  • Make the road safer and easier to use for all road users.

Blackhorse Village Scheme

Info from the council Website

Blackhorse Village is one of a series of residential areas in the borough to receive Mini-Holland funding to create places that are 'great to live, work and travel around'.

Residential streets in the Blackhorse Road area of Walthamstow will become part of the Mini-Holland villages scheme. A key feature of the Mini-Holland Programme is the concept of ‘villigisation’ which involves returning the streets to local people and making the streets safer, quieter and more enjoyable.

The Blackhorse Village is the area framed by Forest Road, Hoe Street, Selbourne Road and Blackhorse Road, and consists of over 4700 residents and 490 commercial properties. The area is popular with people who walk and cycle accessing Blackhorse Road Station, Walthamstow Central, St James Street Station, and Walthamstow Market and shopping centre.

The Blackhorse Village scheme aims to:

  • Improve the look, feel and safety of Blackhorse Village for all road users
  • Encourage more residents and visitors to walk and cycle in the area
  • Improve access to local amenities.