Want one of the top jobs in urban cycling? Then stand for election as an LCC trustee

Fancy taking one of the top jobs at the London Cycling Campaign, the world’s largest urban cycling organisation?


If you’re an LCC member, and are up for a challenge, there are four seats up for grabs at this autumn’s election to the LCC Board.

No experience is required — just a bit of time, lots of ideas and a passion for helping to transform London into a truly cycle-friendly city.

Find out more

On Thursday 30 August, we held a Board Open Day, where trustees Austen Cooper Claire Wren met potential candidates who were interested in finding out more about being elected to the Board.

If you missed this event, you can still contact Claire (claire@lcc.org.uk) or Austen (austen@lcc.org.uk) to arrange a chat.

Who are the trustees?

As a charity, LCC is run by a board of 10 trustees, who are elected by our membership annually by an electronic vote, with the results announced at our Annual General Meeting on 14 November 2012.

Trustees play a pivotal role in setting LCC strategy and overseeing staff and volunteer actions: from helping to decide what campaigns we should run to ensuring our finances are in good shape.

Working with our professional staff team, the Board is LCC’s highest-level decision-making body.

All trustees also belong to at least one of our decision-making committees:

  • Campaigns & Active Membership
  • Policy Forum
  • Income Generation
  • Finance & Administration
  • Human Resources

LCC's achievements over the last 12 months include:

  • increasing LCC’s public appeal and political impact, from our Blackfriars Bridge and Bow roundabout actions to our successful Love London, Go Dutch campaign
  • Strengthening our income generation and partnership work
  • Giving our members more say in what we do

However, we strive to be better still to help us improve the way we work and build even greater successes in the future.

Would you make a good Trustee?

Board members come from diverse backgrounds – some are employed, others work for themselves, others are retired (but still very much active).

Their professional knowledge ranges from banking through charity management to surveying. What they all have in common is a passion for cycling and for making London a better city, particularly for cyclists.

We're keen to attract more female trustees, because at present they make up much less than half our board.

So have you got what it takes to become a Trustee?

We need people who can see the bigger picture, work well with fellow Board and committee members and who can bring to the table their ideas, enthusiasm and opinions.

On a practical level, you will need to attend bimonthly Board meetings and attend at least one committee, which can also meet up to six times a year.

These meetings take place in the evening at LCC’s office near London Bridge, generally start at 6.30pm and last up to two hours.

Former trustee Brendan Paddy says 'do it'

Brendan Paddy, a board member for six years, recalls: “The work involved a lot of meetings, but it was there that I learnt a huge amount about cycling, activism and the way organisations really work.

"I used my professional skills as a voluntary sector media relations manager to help LCC get its message across.

"I’m proud to have served, but I also learnt a lot and met some great people with whom I share more than the occasional pint.”

Does that sound like your sort of thing? All you need to do is to get two members to countersign your nomination form. If elected, you have the role for two years, after which you can seek re-election.