Waterloo Bus Station issues

Waterloo Roundabout - taking TfL to task.

When Valerie Shawcross was re-elected as the Lambeth and Southwark representative on the GLA in June 2004, she committed to helping local cyclists with issues they felt needed her help (see 'City Hall' news item).

One of these is Waterloo Roundabout. Waterloo is an important transport interface, with a rail station, underground, many bus stops and, now, a bus station.

A constant stream of cyclists goes to and passes through the every day. Lambeth Cyclists believe that the new bus station, with the resulting increase in buses and changes to the layout of the roundabout by Transport for London (TfL), has made the previously unpleasant facility a potential hazard for cyclists.

Valerie Shawcross is working with members of Lambeth Cyclists (in whose borough this falls) and Southwark Cyclists to impress upon TfL the failings of the design, the dangers to cyclists of sloppy working practice while the works were being carried out, and the lack of formal consultation with cyclists before plans were finalised.

Find the new layout confusing? Follow the link below for tips.