Waterloo Roundabout - how to use it

The new arrangements for cyclists at the Waterloo roundabout are not very clear at the moment since the installation of the new bus facility by Transport for London.

Below are some hints about the new cycle lane. It is not clear for example that the cycle lane is for use when going straight on - over Waterloo Bridge - or when turning left into York Road. (Please refresh page if photos don't download.)

You don't have to use this special cycle lane, but if you find the roundabout tricky it may be helpful once you know how to use it. Hopefully this guide will help you.

See Waterloo Bus Station in the news section also.

Picture 1:
Approaching Waterloo roundabout from the south, with the Imax cinema ahead of you. Look out for the approaching cycle lane to your left.


Picture 2:
A close-up of the entrance for the cycle lane that is meant lead you over Waterloo Bridge.


Picture 3:
The cycle lane a bit further on. Note the pedestrian crossing coming up.


Picture 4:
Cyclists can enter the lane further along at this point. Presumably this is meant for cyclists coming from Stamford Street wishing to go over the bridge who can't use the entrance in Picture 2.


Picture 5:
These lights are for buses and cyclists waiting to leave the bus station area. Double-check for any traffic to your right (other side of kerb), and watch for the buses if you're turning left into York Road.


Picture 6:
As you enter this bit, heading for Waterloo Bridge, you still need to be wary of vehicles approaching to your left. They're meant to give way of course, but do anticipate that they might pull out, and make sure you get eye contact to ensure they see you.

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(Photos: Philip Loy - Sep 2004)