'We need to get new Transport Minister on Bike' Boris tells LCC

photo LCC interviews the Mayor on the expansion of the Cycle Hire Scheme to East and outer London

LCC's campaign's manager Tom Bogdanowicz spoke to Mayor Boris Johnson recently about the Cycle Hire Scheme.

TB When will the Cycle Hire Scheme be expanded?
BJ  We do want to expand it and obviously we are going to be working on the run up to 2012 so that we can see if we can extend the Barclays scheme towards the Olympic site and Canary Wharf.

TB Will you seek to make streets cycle friendly for the new cyclists?
BJ Yes, and there are several things I want to stress: the first is this is a big project and people should not think it’s going to be smooth necessarily. There will be teething problems, people will think some bike stations are in the wrong place.

But we want to work constantly with Barclays, with TfL to iron them out over the next months and years. Because if you launch something like this, 6000 bikes, it’s not going to be perfect from day one but we are very ambitious and if it works we want it to go further obviously.  

And Barclays is also sponsoring the Cycle Superhighways and, of course, we all know what they're going to add and what they're not going to add, but at least they are going to make a contribution.

TB Apparently the new transport minister, Philip Hammond, is too scared to cycle in London
BJ Well Tom, you and I are going to sort that out: we’re going to take him out. I think we should.

TB You’re on!