Welcome to the launch of the new London Cycling Campaign website

Yes, welcome to our new site...

We've been building since January so it's exciting to have it finally launched for our members and the world at large.

We admit, due to time and cost constraints, that there might be a few wrinkles that need ironing out... but we'll deal with those in due course and you can always report any bugs via the contact us page - just email us with "WEBSITE FUMTU" in the subject line.

Indeed, we expect development of the site to go on indefinitely, and already have plans to expand the mapping tools, online voting, forum features, and so on... watch this space.


The mapping tools are worth mentioning because at present any piece of content on the site can be given a location, which can be a point on a map or a route.

That means you can look for blog posts in your area by clicking on the map tab at the top of the screen and then clicking the coloured icons... or when you post a text message in the forum you can also add a location pointer to your message.

We felt that cycling was so intimately related to geography that having maps underlying the site were important.

For example, to the top-right of this blog post I've put a mark on The Miller in SE1 because that's where we're going for a pint later :-)

Again, because of time and money, we've only scratched the surface of these mapping functions, but in time we think it'll boost our ability to share information and our campaign strengths.

None of this is compulsory, however, so it's a case of using the maps if they're useful... and ignoring them if they're not. 


Another mapping feature of the new site is our cycle-specific journey-planner, supplied by our friends at www.cyclestreets.net. Just type in your origin and destination on the home page and click 'search' and it'll suggest cycle-friendly routes for you... how useful is that!


There are plenty of discussion forums, where you can have your say, and interact with fellow members.

At present, only members can start discussions, while any registered visitor can comment.

As with all things, we're keeping an open mind as to whether this is the best set of permissions - by all means, give us your thoughts.

They're a bit light on discussion today as we've been testing things right up until the last minute, but please get on there and have your say...

Signing up

To use these features you do have to sign up to the site, preferably using the email address that you gave to LCC when you joined - if you've forgotten it, or didn't give us one, please give get in touch via 020 7234 9310 or membership@lcc.org.uk and we'll help you register.

Rides and events

Any member can now automatically post a ride, workshop, drinks, or whatever, by filling in a form on the events page. Again, you can add a start location or draw a route... or you can choose not to.

We hope you post rides and events that are happening in your area, and seek out information there too.

There's plenty more to see, so enjoy looking around.


You should notice we have a new logo too... as we were building the website we realised our image had got more than a bit tired (it hadn't changed in decades). So we've come up with the brighter, fresher look you see here. We hope you like it too...


A big thank you goes to our lead developer Tim (www.timcowlishaw.co.uk) for handling the technical side with such aplomb.

Equally, thanks to our graphic designer Mikey (www.mikeycarr.co.uk) for making it all look so pretty, and to our photographer Ben (www.benbroomfield.com) for his sterling contributions - his are the good photos; the bad ones are mine.

All three are London cyclists, and have shown true dedication to the cause...

Finally thanks to all the staff at LCC: putting this new website together has been a lot of work for everyone but it's been handled admirably.

Okay, this is starting to sound like an awards speech, so I'll get lost and let the website do the talking...


ps Please don't forget to show your support for Blackfriars today, for the motion no Wednesday 8 June.