Westminster launching CS11 judicial review, after Oxford Street opposition

Westminster Council's leaders intend to launch a judicial review against Cycle Superhighway CS11 works starting at Swiss Cottage, it has been revealed by The Guardian. The news comes a week after the council's leaders declared the removal of motor traffic from Oxford Street to be "off the table".

Living Streets and London Cycling Campaign strongly condemn both actions. Our full statement on the CS11 news is below:

London Cycling Campaign and Living Streets strongly condemn Westminster City Council leaders for launching a judicial review against Cycle Superhighway CS11 work at Swiss Cottage.

Coming soon after the same leaders took the removal of motor traffic on Oxford Street "off the table", this demonstrates the actions of a leadership apparently determined to oppose positive moves to improve roads for those walking and cycling anywhere and everywhere they can.

Westminster city council leaders seem set on unpicking progressive measures such as CS11 and Oxford Street aimed at making London a healthier, safer, more attractive place to live. Their actions prioritise motor traffic over walking, cycling, business and our health. This is in direct contradiction to the council's own policies.

Westminster Transport & Movement document (July 2014) says prioritising walking and cycling is "particularly important" for the council. Once more council leaders have opposed a scheme that would offer major improvements for walking and cycling, and one not even inside their borough this time.

If Westminster Council leaders wish to genuinely improve matters for those walking and cycling, then the council should work to ensure all of CS11 moves forward rapidly. That means helping implement the scheme on Avenue Road and Portland Place, supporting work towards closing the Regent's Park gates as consulted on, and not opposing the start of the scheme in Camden, at Swiss Cottage.

By its actions Westminster Council is putting people needlessly at risk of harm for purely political reasons. We urge it to put people’s safety first and stop attempting to wreck efforts to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on London’s roads.