Westminster’s business as usual approach is failing Oxford Street, and the wider area

London Cycling Campaign is frustrated and disappointed that Westminster Council’s proposals for Oxford Street fail to demonstrate any conviction to truly transform the world famous shopping district for the better.

Commenting on the proposals LCC CEO Dr Ashok Sinha said:

“The council’s timid proposals will not decisively reduce motor traffic in the area as so urgently needed. As a result, Oxford Street will continue to be choked by traffic fumes, blighted by overcrowded pavements, and present unacceptable dangers to cycling. It’s as if the council actually want it to be an embarrassment among global, 21st century destinations.”

We have been working closely on Oxford Street with the charity for everyday walking, Living Streets. On the consultation, Joe Irvin, CEO of Living Streets, said:

"The problems of road safety, overcrowding and pollution in Oxford Street, together with the challenge to its retail offer, require a transformative plan and we are not convinced these proposals are enough to meet the challenges facing Oxford Street. We also remain concerned that traffic domination across the wider area is not being adequately addressed.”

To transform the iconic shopping district into a street that can be used and enjoyed by all, Westminster Council need to stop opposing the original plan to remove traffic from the whole route, provide high quality cycling routes east-west and north-south, and work with TfL to improve bus services for the area, as well as take decisive action to reduce motor traffic volumes across the entire area. Only then can Westminster deliver the Oxford Street residents, businesses and all of London deserves.

-        Read more of our thoughts on Oxford Street here: https://lcc.org.uk/articles/westminsters-oxford-street-district-plan-too-weak