What is the LCC Corporate Partnership scheme?

The Corporate Partnership Scheme is an easy way of supporting our cause and showing your staff, customers or stakeholders that you are serious about cycling.  Our advice and support will ensure you are making smart decisions that will work for your cycle users.

LCC has 40 corporate partners who support our work.  Organisations such as large pharmaceutical companies, several NHS trusts, property developers, architectural firms, housing trusts and law firms gives us valuable insight into how companies can motivate and maximise cycling in the workplace.

Other benefits include:

Discounts on individual membership for all your staff - see "Members' benefits" for more details.

Support with promotion & marketing – we have many years experience in running fun and successful cycling promotion events.  We can support your promotional events, handle the questions, deal with the doubts and provide all the information. 

Advice and information – a point of contact for all your cycle related queries, from where to start to cycle parking suppliers and insurance.

NewsCycle - a unique e-news update that puts you at the front of the pack when it comes to caring for your cycle-users.

Access to Cycle Audit Services - our cycle audits channel 25 years of experience of cycling into your organisation. They can be tailored to your needs, ranging from a detailed staff survey of travel requirements to hands-on help with facilities implementation. – see “LCC Cycle Audit Services” for more details.

Publicity - Partnershing with LCC provides your brand with recognition as a socially and environmentally responsible company, and demonstrates your commitment to improving the local environment.
We will publicise the partnership across London's cycling community and beyond, through the London Cyclist magazine, a link on our Partnership List (see the link on the left) and a feature story on our website.

Why partner with London Cycling Camapaign?

Because you are a cyclist-friendly company

We welcome partners into our network of people, organisations and services essential for cycling success.

Because you share our vision of London as a world-class cycling city

London's bustling workplaces have enormous potential for helping people start cycling. More people on bikes means a safer, greener and healthier capital city for everyone.

Join us!

For further information on a tailored support package to meet your needs, contact Matthew Dunton on 020 7234 9310 or email us using the form below.