What to lobby for

Beware of signs like this!

The first step for all lobbying for cycle parking is to contact your local LCC group to see if they are collating a list of useful sites, if they have already suggested a site or been involved in negotiations.

You may also find a wealth of expertise and experience to help you to get to your cycle parking or storage goal.

Generally there are some basic points to remember if you are discussing the installation of cycle parking:

  • People use cycle parking which is close to their destination. A TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) study indicates that the distance walked from the bike rarely exceeds 20m.

  • Cycle parking should be installed in prominent locations; this improves the security of the bikes.

  • Poorly located or insecure cycle parking won't be used.

  • Other factors influencing use are protection from the weather, well designed stands and ease of use.

In many circumstances Sheffield stands are not the only answer; these pages provide some other ideas.