What to take

It’s a good idea to take tools and spares to deal with a puncture. A spare inner tube, a spanner if you don’t have quick release wheels, a pump and some tyre levers mean you won’t have to walk anywhere if you get a puncture. See our info on ‘Cycle Maintenance’ for more advice about looking after your bike.

Unless you are sure it won’t rain, you should take a waterproof coat and make sure you can stay warm, if necessary. You may also be out in the sun all day: the British sun can burn so use sunscreen and wear a hat or helmet. You should also make sure that your clothes or shoelaces can’t be caught in the chain.

It’s also important to make sure you have, or can buy, enough food and water for the journey. Although gentle, cycling is exercise and so you need to drink plenty of water.

Lastly, if you end up going further than you planned, you may want to get the train back home. You are allowed to take your bike on many train services and some tube services as long as it’s not rush hour. See our info on ‘Travelling with your Bicycle’, or use the leaflet ‘Cycling by train’ available from train and tube stations for more information.