What to wear

 Credit: Lionel Shapiro

If you are cycling in cold weather you should dress your child warmly, remember younger children will not be cycling themselves; so while they will get wind chill they will not warm up as they go along.

Similarly in the summer don’t forget to protect your child against the sun. It is also a very good idea to wear high visibility clothing such as reflective vests, armbands and leg straps.

Some people choose to wear helmets. It is important for children to understand that helmets do not make them invulnerable, they do not prevent collisions and are only designed to withstand low speed impacts.

If you are choosing a helmet it should be neither too loose nor too tight. Toddlers should be able to support the helmet without it forcing their head forward.

Helmets should be replaced after an impact such as being dropped, or if you have been in a collision and hit your head.