When two rides collide ...

Saturday May 17th 2014, saw not just one but two groups of cyclists descend on central London. The first was, of course, our Big Ride to raise support for our Space for Cycling campaign, but the second was the wonderful Tweed Run - which saw 500 dapper riders saddle up, suited and booted for a jaunt around the city - all for the love of 'Tweed'.

With the two rides crossing at Westminster it was a sight to behold, with waves and smiles exchanged between the 5,500 cyclists and bells rung to celebrate the occasion ... even Big Ben joined in!

Both of our rides were a huge success and whilst the message of each was different, seeing this amount of people enjoying their bicycles on London streets speaks volumes and the sentiment is the same - we all want to ride our bikes and have the space to do so safely in our city.

We'd like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to the Tweed Run who chose us as their charity for 2014 and donated 50% of their ticket money, supporting Space for Cycling. Let's double the numbers next time chaps. Tally ho!

Our Space for Cycling advocates at the Tweed Run 2014

Bye Bye Big Ride !