Where not to lock your bike

It’s never a good idea to settle for inadequate parking, even just for a moment.

Things to avoid include:

Dark alleys – even if your bike is locked, a thief will have an ideal opportunity to break through your lock.

Butterfly racks – avoid parking which only allows you to secure your front wheel to the stand. Even if you don’t have quick release wheels, it’s very easy for a thief to detach your wheel and make off with the rest of your bike.

Short posts, or even tall posts that a lock can fit over the top of - your bike will be lifted over the top. Even if there is a sign at the top that your lock can’t fit around, bear in mind that a very determined thief could unscrew the sign and lift your bike over, so it’s not a good idea to leave your bike locked to a sign post overnight.

Drainpipes – easily shattered.

Railings with a warning sign that your bike may be removed – it seems cruel, but they mean it!

Bicycles will also be removed from anywhere near Whitehall or Parliament Square. Police may also ask you to remove your bike from some parts of the City if it is not parked in designated cycle parking.