Love London, Go Dutch: Where's the plan Boris?

London Cycling Campaign has written to Mayor Boris Johnson asking for a clear timetable for implementing the promises he made to the 40,000+ people who signed our Love London, Go Dutch petition to make our streets as safe and inviting for cycling as they are in Holland.

Despite encouraging public statements from the Mayor saying that he will pursue continental-style flagship developments at Vauxhall and Greenwich, and that he asked Transport for London to look into making Love London, Go Dutch a reality, we still have no plan of action or timetable for delivery.

That's why LCC is challenging the Mayor to show us the concrete progress he is making to live up to his pronises. We'll report back what we hear from him, as well as publish an assessment of his performance after his first 100 days in office. Watch this space.

Letter to Boris Johnson

Dear Mayor Johnson,

On behalf of the 40,000 people who signed our Love London, Go Dutch petition and the 10,000 people who subsequently joined our Big Ride on 28th April, let me once again thank you for agreeing to meet the three key ‘tests’ of Love London, Go Dutch during the course of this mayoralty.

The first of these tests is for you to implement ‘flagship’ redevelopments at three major streets/locations. LCC is very pleased that you have announced the sites of two of your three flagship schemes, namely the one-way systems at Vauxhall and Greenwich, and we look forward to hearing soon where the third will be situated.

We have been told by TfL that these redevelopments will not be part of the Junctions Review that you had previously initiated. We agree with your decision that this should be the case: these flagship redevelopments should not simply address local road safety concerns (the focus of the Junctions Review) but be world class transformations that radically improve the quality of life in those areas.

In terms of cycling in particular, these flagship schemes should be exemplars of how to make the whole of London as safe and inviting for cycling as The Netherlands, as per the Love London, Go Dutch petition which you supported: a city where everyone who wishes to - whatever their age or ability - can cycle safely, happily and directly wherever they wish to go.

Given that progress on the flagship developments will not be part of the Junctions Review Programme we would be grateful if you could confirm the following:  the dates by when the flagship redevelopments at Vauxhall and Greenwich will be implemented; the timetable for consulting on and creating the new plans; and how LCC and other stakeholders – pedestrian organisations included – can engage with the redesign process. 

Finally we also welcome your direction to TfL to draw up a plan for applying a Love London, Go Dutch approach to London’s streets in general. We would be grateful if you could inform us how you will facilitate LCC and others engaging with this planning work and what timelines you have set for its implementation. We will pass this important information on to all those who signed the Love London, Go Dutch petition so they can be assured that concrete progress is being made.

Many thanks once again for the promises you have made in response to Love London, Go Dutch. LCC is ready to help in any way we can.

Your sincerely,

Ashok Sinha

Chief Executive