Who to contact for road defects

Report that pothole - contact Lambeth Council's call centre:
E: streetcarecallcentre@lambeth.gov.uk
T: 020 7926 9000

See also the link on the right for Lambeth Council's information on Roads and Pavement Repairs.

Lambeth Council is the highway authority for the London Borough of Lambeth. For borough routes, the web link for the department that deals with cycling and streets is below:

W: Lambeth Transport and Streets

Note that Transport for London have principal responsibility for the Red Routes (e.g. A23 and South Circular) and undertake highway schemes in cooperation with Lambeth Council.

Transport for London (TfL)
Road defects can also be reported on TfL's website:
W: http://streetfaults.tfl.gov.uk
T: 0845 305 1234

TfL is the strategic highway authority for Greater London. It has a section devoted to cycling on its website:

W: Cycling in London

It includes a link to TfL's report library, including the Mayor's Action Plan to achieve targets for cycling across London.