Why I became a member of LCC

We’re giving our members the opportunity to tell the world why they joined LCC. First up is new member, Sally Hearn, from Peckham. If you’d like to share your story about joining LCC too, please email info@lcc.org.uk with ‘Why I’m a member’ in the subject line.

I’ve been cycling in London for almost five years now and I’m ashamed to say that despite regularly riding on the city’s roads, I’ve only recently joined the London Cycling Campaign. The main reason I feel bad for not joining sooner is that I now realise that membership fees are used to run campaigns. I had heard of LCC and kept meaning to join, but like many people I never actually got round to it. This year, having attended the protest ride at Westminster, I finally signed up by Direct Debit so I wouldn’t have the same problem when it came round to renewing.

Being a part of a group of cyclists committed to making a difference and seeing the amount of people that come together to try and improve London for cyclists, asking for Space for Cycling, was the main reason that I decided to finally become a member.

I commute every day to work (a 12 mile round trip) and it’s not unusual for me to witness some form of anti-cyclist rant, experience a near miss or have a run in with another cyclist! I love riding and my work day is hugely influenced by my cycle into work. A bad journey often means I arrive at the office in a bad mood and vice versa; a great ride in means I feel fantastic all day. I, like many others, just want to be able to cycle to work without people thinking I’m ‘brave’ for doing so (why is riding in London seen as an act of bravery??), is that too much to ask? Most of the people I know learnt how to ride a bike when they were young, and every time I ride it brings out my inner child again.

LCC have been making a difference by campaigning on particular cycle safety issues, improvements in infrastructure and they do a great job of promoting cycling to the masses. It makes me feel as if I am part of the solution rather than just moaning about my experiences on a bike. The other reason I’m an LCC member is because for less than the price of a pint of beer a month I am the proud owner of third-party insurance, something that I hope I will never need but feel much better knowing that I have it. The discounts I can get from my membership is also a real bonus and so far I have already saved more than the annual fee I paid – it’s a no brainer.

If you’ve been saying for a while ‘I must join LCC’ then please change that statement to, ‘I have joined LCC’.

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