Why it’s so important that CS2 upgrade goes ahead – and to a high standard

Today we were sent headcam footage of LCC member Honor being hit on CS2. 

It’s no secret that CS2 needs urgently rebuilding. This footage is yet another very clear example of why. Fortunately Honor is OK, but six cyclists have died on this route since 2011 – the worst casualty record for any similar road in London.

The Mayor of London has finally produced proposals for protected space on this route. The plans as they are aren’t perfect, and more needs to be done to eliminate the risk of incidents like Honor’s at junctions. We are talking to Transport for London about the details.

Despite the very obvious need for a redesign on this route, which has been called for by thousands of LCC supporters, as well as every local politician in the area, there has been opposition to the proposals. It’s critical that we respond to the consultation and make it known to Transport for London that protected space is needed on this route.

You can respond to the consultation on the Transport for London website, but we’ve set up a tool for you to respond to the proposals in a few moments through our website.

Please write to Transport for London now and tell them that protected space must be implemented on this route without delay.