Wiggins crash highlights the need for radical steps to improve safety for all cyclists

Collisions involving two of the UK’s most famous sporting cyclists have highlighted the need for greater protection for people who cycle on our streets every day.

2012 Tour de France winner and Olympic time trial champion Bradley Wiggins was knocked off his bike during a training ride in Lancashire on Wednesday by a woman driving van who pulled out of a petrol station into his path.

Shane Sutton, head coach at British Cycling and the Tour-winning Sky cycling team, was involved in a separate collision with a motor vehicle just a few miles away on the following day.

Both riders were hospitalised, but are expected to make a full recovery.

In TV and radio interviews (BBC, ITV, Sky, LBC) we’ve been renewing our call for all streets to be made safer for walking and cycling by adopting continental-standards of road and junction design, and by improving the standard of driving and safety of vehicles on the road.

Campaigns Officer Charlie Lloyd said, “No matter whether you're the best cyclist in the world or only took to a bike yesterday, your safety overwhelmingly depends on other road users - in particular motorists - taking care.

"In the Netherlands they build road junctions that encourage motorists to moderate their speed, making it much easier to see cyclists and pedestrians so they're less likely to hurt someone.”

In London, over half of fatal cyclist crashes involve lorries, and we’re reminding our supporters to write to their council leader calling for them to only use the best-trained drivers and most well equipped lorries.

Charlie Lloyd said, “We thank the 650 supporters who wrote to their council leaders.

“Pressure from voters is key to persuading councils to prioritise the safety of cyclists and walkers when they sign contracts with haulage companies, which is why we urge everyone to write to their council today.”

We’ve already had encouraging responses from many councils, but it’s important we keep on the pressure so their commitments reach the high standards of our Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling pledge.

If you’ve already sent a letter to your council, please share our campaign with your friends.