Work on Corporate Affiliates scheme

This scheme is for organisations and companies who want to support LCC. It is becoming an increasingly important source of revenue and has lots of potential to expand further. The organisation or company pays LCC an annual subscription that depends on how many people they employ and their status. This subscription supports the vital work LCC does, and the affiliate also receives benefits. For more information on the scheme, click on "Corporate Affiliation Scheme" on the right.

We are looking for an office based weekday volunteer to help us with the scheme. The volunteer will be working with a member of staff and will provide support and help with the project and will need to be able to volunteer a minimum of an afternoon or morning a week. This could be combined to give one day every fortnight. You do not need to be able to volunteer for a very long time, although just two or three days on the project would not be very helpful, we are looking for a minimum of 4-5 days. In return for this commitment we would be willing to write a reference for you and will try to ensure that you get the work experience you are looking for from your volunteering.

Skills that will be needed

  • Office skills such as using a fax and PC with Excel, Word and possibly Access software. Ability to use these programmes for day to day jobs such as preparing reports and letters to go to organisations and companies, sorting and formatting spreadsheets. The LCC runs a specialised member database and training will be given, but a basic level of computer skills will be needed to work on this.

  • Some experience in business to business communication.

  • Organisational skills to enable filing and sorting of information on current and prospective affiliates. There will also be routine administration work to be done on the project.

  • Research skills - familiarity for searching for information both in print and on the web, and in compiling information.