Work with the Director to maintain the vision and direction of the organisation.

We’re fast approaching the end of the period covered by the strategic plan which many of you helped us develop two years ago. Having revisited LCC’s mission with members at the AGM last year, the management committee and staff have already begun work on a new five-year strategic plan on which we are consulting at the 2001 AGM.

The consultation process will be a comprehensive one and includes, for the first time, people from outside the cycling world. We want a strategy which will have resonance for everybody working to improve life in London, giving us a much wider base of support. I think it’s important we move cycling into the mainstream of debate on social and environmental improvement in London. We are increasingly making the point that improvements for cyclists mean improvements across a wide range of areas such as health, regeneration and social inclusion.

If we are to get the LCC’s new strategy right we need your views on where you think the organisation should be going over the next five years. We’ll be playing a significant role in the transformation of London to a world class cycling city over the next few years. I hope that all of you will be able to contribute to our thinking.

Crispin Truman