YikeBike electric personal transporter is a definite head-turner

When we saw this advert for the electric-powered YikeBike, we couldn't wait to spend our money: on the soundtrack, that is ('It Feels So Good' by Hera).

This YikeBike has no pedals (so it certainly isn't a bicycle), though it does resemble a mini-farthing crossed with a Segway. A pedal version is believed to be coming soon.

Reaction to it has been mixed, with many wondering about its stability, especially if it encounters one of London's many potholes.

LCC communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "It's a fun-looking product but, like all electric bikes, it's a backward step from human-powered versions.

"Expect it to cost loads more and you'll have to pay to run it too. There are more things to go wrong, including running out of juice. It's not carbon-neutral, and nor is it going to keep you fit.

YikBike specs

Weight 10kg
Range 6 miles
Cost £3500-4000