You wait ages for a Cycle Superhighway, then three come along at once...

Sneaking them in just before the Mayoral election purdah period, TfL have announced three new public consultations on three new Cycle Superhighways - so get your comments in quick because they all close on the 20 March.

The London Cycling Campaign will be putting together full consultation responses to share as soon as possible (our Infrastructure Campaigner is just finishing up a massive series of Quietway consultations first). But for now, here's what is proposed and our initial take on them:

1. CS11 Swiss Cottage to West End

There're lots of exciting elements to this new route - the proposal to close the Outer Circle to through motor traffic, the removal of the Swiss Cottage gyratory, the proposal to put segregated cycle lanes on Portland Place. But there are also significant concerns - Outer Circle should be closed 24 hours a day, some of the junctions when we initially saw them retained serious risks, there is an option for only advisory cycle lanes on Portland Place etc.

2. The East-West Cycle Superhighway extension from Paddington to Acton

Including taking a lane of the elevated Westway to create a high-quality track, separated by a screen and barriers, from motor traffic. It looks likely we will support this iconic, and controversial scheme, despite significant concerns. On one hand, it offers no route choice or mid-point entry/exit points - and is too separate from the street network, which cuts down its usefulness; on the other, it looks likely that this is the only way we are likely to see a Cycle Superhighway into West London any time soon - as at least one of the councils it passes through simply won't countenance any alternative route, apparently. Given this, far better to have this high-quality track than not.

3. The North-South Cycle Superhighway extension from Farringdon to Kings Cross

Extending the North-South Cycle Superhighway to near Kings Cross is broadly something to be excited about. But when we last saw plans there were still significant concerns over some of the junctions with the worst collision records (including West Smithfield/Snow Hill), and the route northbound turns into a "Cycle SuperQuietway" at Farringdon Station - potentially with many current cyclists continuing to ride up Farringdon Road without any protection, and concerns over whether the quieter streets will genuinely be quiet enough.

Of course, that's far from it for public consultations right now. There's CS3 Cable Street proposals to use modal filters and "bus gates" to boost capacity for cycling there; Hammersmith Broadway gyratory changes; Highbury Corner protected tracks and gyratory removal; Kings Cross gyratory removal; a load of Westminster Quietway/Central London Cycling Grid consultations closing soon and much more. You can see most of these on our new consultation map.