Your views on the Congestion Charge Western Extension consultation

All Londoners have been invited to respond to the Consultation on the Western Extension to the congestion charge.

The London Cycling Campaign will be drafting a response to the consultation after seeking the opinion of its Cycle Planning group.

However, all cyclists are urged to respond on an individual basis to ensure their views are considered, and to urge friends and family to make their voices heard too.

The deadline is the 5th October and the website for responses is on the right. 

LCC's position on the congestion charge

LCC has supported the principle of road pricing since the first congestion charge was proposed because of the benefits of reduced motor traffic congestion and the potential for a better environment for walking and cycling (sustainable transport modes).

The initial congestion charge led to a 30% increase in cycling in the zone over the first six months and, in conjunction with a range of other measures, has helped build the growth in London cycling by 91%.

When the Western Extension was first proposed, LCC supported it but with several provisos: we said measures were needed to improve conditions for cycling and cycle parking, plus existing speed limits needed to be enforced and 20mph zones developed.

Options proposed by TfL

The options proposed by the new consultation are: 

1. Keep the Western Extension as it is.

2. Remove the Western Extension

There would no longer be a charge to drive within the Western Extension; residents there would no longer receive a discount on travel in the original charging zone.

3. Change the Western Extension: 

Change the way the scheme operates by introducing account-based payment, by introducing a charge-free period in the middle of the day in the Western Extension, or by increasing the residents' discount to 100%.

Factors TfL thinks we should consider

The consultation leaflet points out that all the options except keeping the Western Extension would result in significantly less revenue for investment in other transport measures.

The Mayor's leaflet also states that if the Western Extension is removed or reduced there would be increased motor traffic congestion and higher levels of air pollution and CO2 emissions.