Zéfal Lock 'n' Roll wheel skewers

ZÉFAL Lock ‘n’ Roll skewers



We’ve previously reviewed Atomic22 and Pinhead security skewers which rely on a unique bolt head and key; the Zéfal set uses a patented keyless system, which simply replaces your existing quick-release skewers or seatpin. The concept is simple: tighten your wheel, lock the lever in the horizontal position and the skewers cannot be undone unless the bike is flipped into a vertical postion — which it can’t if it’s been locked up properly. A special washer means unscrewing is impossible even with tools, so you don’t need that second lock for your front wheel. We’ve heard that over-tightening may cause failure but not experienced that ourselves. Can’t be used to replace oversized/bolt-through axles either. JK