Contact name: Mike Grahn

Contact number: 020 88702291

Online: Email, Facebook, Twitter: @Wandscyclist

Meeting times: Second Tuesday of the month, 7.00pm

Meeting location: We are currently looking for a permanent meeting place - please see our website, Facebook or Twitter for details, or drop us a line on the email above.

Wandsworth Cycling Campaign (WCC) is the local group of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) in the London Borough of Wandsworth, UK. We exist for the benefit of everyone who cycles or would like to cycle in and through the borough of Wandsworth.

Our vision is for Wandsworth to be a borough where cycling is a natural transport choice for everyone.

Please also join our active email group by clicking here

Moving here?  Thinking of cycling here?  Any other questions, just ask!  Oh, and if you have a ride you’d like to host or share, then we’d be more than happy to help you to promote it to local residents.