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Dangerous Junctions

Junctions are where almost all cyclist fatalities happen - fixing them is the most important thing we can do to make cycling in London safer.
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Cycling Infrastructure

Protected cycle tracks, low traffic neighbourhoods, junction improvements, river crossings - we aim to ensure “all ages, all abilities” feel comfortable cycling in London for far more of their journeys.
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Road Danger Reduction

Cycling often involves riding near motor vehicles, including larger ones. We campaign to make cycling safer not just by changing road design, but also by dealing with poor vehicle design and inconsiderate driving too.
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Local Groups

Campaigning for local cycling improvements and running rides and events for the local community - there's an LCC group in every London borough.

Cycling Services

A screenshot of a Zoom call featuring LCC CEO Ashok Sinha, LCC's Fran Graham, cyclist Chris Boardman, and Ruth Cadbury MP

Webinars & Reports

Learn how cycling is part of the solution to the transport, health and sustainability issues facing London.
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Corporate Membership

We help organisations of all shapes and sizes tackle cycling barriers and get more people cycling to work.
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A pair of women smiling with their bikes and looking at the camera. This is one of our Cycle Buddies helping a new cyclist learn a route.

Cycle Buddies

Connecting new and experienced cyclists - help and support to start cycling or build confidence.
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Strategic Partnership

Can your organisation take a leading role in delivering a healthier, happier, more sustainable London?
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Love London Go Dutch

In 2012 we secured commitments from all five mayoral candidates to truly prioritise cycling with London’s first high-quality cycle tracks and ‘Mini-Hollands’. And we set London on course to becoming a world-class cycling city...

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Space for Cycling

Go Dutch principles deployed at a local level - in 2014 we won local support to introduce more Space For Cycling all over London. A huge 862 councilors committed to delivering cycling improvements in their areas...

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Sign for Cycling

In 2016 we persuaded Sadiq Khan to make three ambitious commitments to cycling. Trebling Cycle Tracks, Safer Lorries, and more Liveable Neighbourhoods continue to make it easier and safer to cycle in London...

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End Lorry Danger

HGVs are responsible for more than half of cyclist deaths in London, despite only making up 4% of motor traffic - we've worked tirelessly to End Lorry Danger by only allowing Direct Vision lorries on our streets. This year the most dangerous lorries were finally banned from London...

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Stay Wider Of The Rider

Close passing is intimidating, dangerous and in the worst cases life threatening for cyclists. We petitioned the government to get the law changed and identified more than 1,000 close pass locations...

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Become A Member And Support Our Work

LCC is highly effective because it's supported by more than 10,000 members. If you cycle in London please consider joining today. You'll be supporting our work and you'll receive a free ABUS lock, along with a huge range of benefits.

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