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Bromley campaigning asks for rapid and bold changes for people and planet.


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Will Bromley Council deliver #ClimateSafeStreets?

2022-2026 is a vital stage in London’s zero-carbon journey. Motor vehicles are the largest and most stubborn source of London’s emissions, and borough councils control 95% of the city’s roads. We need all our councils to act in the next four years and be bold – or it’ll be too late to get to zero carbon roads by 2030. That’s what’s needed for London and Bromley to do their bit.

That’s why we developed specific, personalised asks for each London borough council in the 2022 council elections to cut road transport emissions fast and enable lots more walking, cycling and wheeling.

Find out how they’re doing…

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Checking in on London borough council progress in 2023 - Bromley is one of the worst-performing boroughs in London. Explore the full results.

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Meet Your Climate Champion

I joined the London Cycling Campaign Climate Safe Streets work because I love cycling and at the same time doing my bit for the climate. I find it really important to campaign locally to make the streets safer for cyclists so that more people will ride a bicycle instead of using a car.

Elisabeth, Bromley Climate Champion

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Council and climate

PDF document with the council's climate plans & what we're asking the next leader to do in more detail.

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Your local LCC group

Bromley local group's website and contact details.

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