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Climate Safe Streets

We're calling for zero-carbon roads in London by 2030


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What’s the biggest thing London can do to tackle the climate emergency? Help people drive less and cycle, walk and wheel more.

The Mayor has committed to a zero-carbon London by 2030. The government has committed to half of all urban journeys being walked or cycled by 2030. Now every London borough has to take action too.

A plan for every London borough

LCC local groups have developed specific action plans for every London borough to get more people walking, cycling and ditching the car, and to cut road transport emissions. If we don’t start right now, there’s no way London’s boroughs will catch up by 2030. At the 2022 local elections we called for the next leader of every London council to commit to the action plan for their borough.


Climate Champions working to secure commitments to Climate Safe Streets


Emails sent to leadership candidates in London calling for Climate Safe Streets


Leadership candidates committed to Climate Safe Streets if they're elected

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Find out why these Londoners are cycling more and using cars less

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Our dedicated team of Champions are spearheading the campaign to get more people cycling and deliver Climate Safe Streets in every London borough...

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