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Dangerous Junctions tape with bus

Dangerous Junctions

The majority of serious and fatal collisions happen at junctions. Explore London's most dangerous junctions and how to fix them.

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Most serious and fatal collisions happen at junctions – fixing them is one of the most important things we can do to make cycling in London safer.
Why are junctions so important?

Sometimes junctions are so hostile they act as a barrier to people cycling in and around a whole area. When they’re improved the payback is huge – they unlock miles of new cycle routes and make cycling, walking and wheeling safer for thousands of people.

Which junctions are the worst?

The most dangerous junctions for cyclists 2023 in London, image links to main map site.

Using a custom-designed new map, we’ve identified the most dangerous London junctions for people cycling, and people walking, in every borough.  We’re calling on the Mayor, Transport for London and local councils to make rapid temporary improvements; followed by permanent changes that remove all critical safety failures. We’ll keep pressing politicians to put lives over driving convenience and fix more junctions on our map. For more on how to use the new map, see our blog on it here.

How can I help?

We need to keep this issue in the spotlight so funding is made available and barriers to progress removed. Please use the map to find the worst junctions in your area and get in touch with your local group to help fight for change. If you work near the mega-junctions of King’s Cross, Shoreditch or Holborn, we’re building coalitions of businesses to lobby for change. And if you’re a councillor, council officer or transport planner, read our policy recommendations on how to make junctions safer.


We've made the first interactive map of all of London showing the most dangerous junctions for people walking and cycling. Explore by borough to find exactly where and how people are being hurt.


How to fix junctions faster - an expert guide for councillors, council officers and campaigners, packed with design criteria and examples


King's Cross

The cluster of junctions at Kings Cross pose a significant risk to people cycling and walking. We're calling for extensive improvement so local workers and residents benefit. Find out how your organisation can support our work.

King's Cross Coalition Go to this link


Eight people have been killed cycling at this notorious junction since 2008. Some improvements have been made but there's much more needed. We're building a coalition of businesses to keep up the pressure.

Holborn Coalition Go to this link

Shoreditch Triangle

The system of junctions east of the roundabout are hostile to people cycling or walking. With the support of local businesses London's growing tech hub can be transformed to be safe and inviting for workers, visitors and residents.

Shoreditch Coalition Go to this link


London's most dangerous junctions for cycling and walking mapped

New interactive map shows for the first time London's most dangerous junctions for cycling and walking by borough

Read more Go to this post

Open letter re Battersea Bridge fatality

Following the fatal collision with a 27 year old woman on Battersea Bridge, a known and untreated collision hotspot, we are calling for action.

Read more Go to this post

PROTEST: Battersea: too little, too late

27 year old woman killed cycling on Battersea Bridge 10 August, LCC protest at bridge now 7 September.

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Protected cycle lanes at St Paul's

The City is planning to transform the hated St Paul's gyratory to include safe cycle tracks and improved junctions.

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Battersea Bridge scheme approved

Good news; TfL's proposals for Battersea Bridge's northern junction will save lives. Bad news: it doesn't go far or fast enough.

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How to fix junctions faster - a guide

Time to “put safety first” on dangerous junction, says new LCC report on systemic barriers to bolder, more rapid rollout of safer junctions.

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2022 Dangerous Junctions list

LCC announces 22 most Dangerous Junctions in London, plus our 3 main target junctions, at House of Commons event

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Hundreds protest at Holborn

Following yet another fatal collision in the Holborn one way system, hundreds gathered to protest lack of action.

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Dangerous Junction Petition handed to London Assembly

Over 7,500 Londoners signed LCC's Dangerous Junction petition.

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Fixing junctions the most important thing we can do to make cycling in London safer. We're calling for rapid safety improvements from the Mayor, Transport for London and borough councils.


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