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Tom Bogdanowicz with Direct Vision lorry

End Lorry Danger

Lorries drive just 4% of vehicle miles in London but are involved in over half of fatal collisions with cyclists. We campaign to design out danger.


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We have successfully campaigned for safer lorry designs across London and Europe. We work with lorry operators to improve fleet choice and driver training.

Our campaigning led to Mayor Sadiq Khan committing in 2016 to a ‘Direct Vision Standard’ lorry permit programme. This rates how well drivers can see the road around them, and we highlighted the problem of blind spots in conventional HGVs while pointing to the good visibility in lorries like refuse carts.

Since 2021, all lorries on London’s roads have had to be at least 1- star rated on the Direct Vision Standard, or use mitigation measures such as sensors.

On 28 October 2024, the scheme will ratchet up so all lorries in London must be at least 3-star Direct Vision Standard rated, or use mitigation measures. We are campaigning for further tightening of the rules and strong enforcement to take the most dangerous lorries off our roads.


Direct Vision lorry diagram

In front of this 2-star lorry, the people in red cannot be seen. In a 5-star lorry, all the people would be visible.

Direct Vision lorry graphic 2 star versus 5 star

Beside this 2-star lorry, the people in red cannot be seen. In a 5-star lorry, all the people would be visible.

We are also involved in freight certification and training, pushing for these positive approaches to be more widely taken up across lorry operators. This involves cycle training for lorry drivers and industry certification schemes including FORS and CLOCS.

And we work with the police on road danger operations including for lorries, and have seen increasing recognition on the need for tighter enforcement.


In 2019 we worked with Transport for London and successfully lobbied for an international standard to make good direct vision the norm for all lorries manufactured across the whole of Europe. The EU subsequently agreed to include a Direct Vision Standard in its update of the General Safety regulations for HGV manufacturers – the details of this are currently being hammered out.


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Direct Vision lorries upgrade thanks to LCC

Lorries on London’s streets to get ‘Direct Vision’ upgrade in October 2024 thanks to LCC

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A new TfL report suggests our lorry safety changes from 2021 are working.

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However TfL slices the data, ultimately the Mayor’s target is for zero collisions by 2041. That means actual numbers not just rates per trip have to fall and fast.

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Highway Code Changes Get Strong Backing

Revisions to reduce road danger to cyclists will be introduced to Parliament this winter

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LCC success: London lorries get safer from March

In a world first, from 1 March 2021 all heavy lorries operating in London will have to meet a one star Direct Vision Standard.

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The Department for Transport looks to expand LCC's work on lorry design to the whole of the UK.

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How to Cycle Safely around Lorries

Although collisions are rare, lorries present the greatest risk to life for cyclists in London. What can be done and what can you do to stay safe?

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Lorry safety training & standards

We work with lorry fleet operators to set and run professional training courses for lorry drivers.

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Road Justice

Our work around policing and the legal system.

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The best way to support our work for safer lorries across London, and across the UK, is to become a member. We're a charity, and our 12,000+ members make our campaigning work possible.

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