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Frontage of King's Cross station with pedestrian plaza and iconic double arched windows

King's Cross

We’re building a coalition of businesses to make this landmark junction safe for everyone.

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We’re building a coalition of local businesses to keep up the pressure and transform Kings Cross so it’s safe for walking, wheeling and cycling.
Risks on every side

While much of King’s Cross has been redeveloped, businesses located here are cut off from the surrounding area by motor traffic dominated roads. And people travelling to work, or to the new public spaces and eateries, face unacceptable risks from the outdated gyratory system and a complex network of dangerous junctions.

What we’re calling for

We’re calling for a bolder, simpler approach that knits King’s Cross back together, calms motor traffic and makes walking, wheeling and cycling much safer. These improvements will transform the area into a pleasant place to stop, meet, eat & drink, and work.

  • Safe cycle corridors to the area, including protected cycle tracks.
  • Better and more direct pedestrian crossings and wider pavements.
  • Separating left-turning motor vehicles and cyclists.
  • More dedicated space for people to dwell.
How you can help

TfL are developing plans for the area but we believe they’ll fall far short. We need the support of local businesses to drive home the message that King’s Cross is far too important for half measures. If you work nearby, please get in touch, we’re building a coalition to lobby for change and we’d love to hear from you. You can also support all LCC’s work on junctions by signing the dangerous junctions petition today


We’re building a coalition of businesses to help transform King's Cross. If you work in the area please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.


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