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The members of the Policy Forum are elected annually, but all LCC members can attend the meetings.

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What does the Policy Forum do?

The Policy Forum reviews and develops LCC’s policy positions. It meets quarterly to discuss and research policy positions, and organises occasional public events to encourage debate on cycling policy.

All LCC members can attend, but the elected members only can vote on any positions. The 9 members are elected annually. For the constitution and more information, click here.

Current policy areas

The Policy Forum has recently done work on “micromobility” including e-scooters and cargo e-bikes, and “smart road-user charging” (charging drivers by emissions, miles, time, location etc.). Past Policy Forum work led to key policies and an assessment matrix that led to the creation of TfL’s Cycling Level of Service tool.


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Our campaigns

We campaign on multiple fronts to make cycling in London safer. From Zero-Carbon Roads to Cycling Infrastructure and Road Danger Reduction - you can find out more about our work here.
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A screenshot of a Zoom call featuring LCC CEO Ashok Sinha, LCC's Fran Graham, cyclist Chris Boardman, and Ruth Cadbury MP

Webinars, conferences, guides and reports

LCC publishes expert reports and runs events on key topics.
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Consultation responses

Our responses to public consultations are a record of the stance LCC takes on major schemes and public policy.
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Keep up to date

Cycling in London never seems to be out of the news these days and you can rely on LCC to keep you abreast of the latest developments.
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