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Road Danger Reduction

Cycling often involves riding near motor vehicles, including larger ones. We campaign to make cycling safer not just by changing road design, but also by dealing with poor vehicle design and inconsiderate driving too.

Road Danger Reduction

Safer Lorries

The largest vehicles are often most dangerous to those walking and cycling, partly due to the often restricted vision of their drivers. We’re pushing for safer lorries with better cab design and safety features.
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Group of freight drivers in orange hi-vis and on cycles receiving instruction from a cycle instructor

Driver Training

Being able to understand and anticipate other road users plays a key role in keeping us all safe. This is particularly vital for professional drivers, including those in the biggest lorries.
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Road Justice

Our work around policing, dangerous driving, liability and the legal system.
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Photo of a 20 mph road marking

Rules Of The Road

We campaign for safer speed limits and changes to the Highway Code, the rule-book for our roads, to ensure walking and cycling are safer and better for everyone.
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