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A critical moment for cycling LCC appeal

A Critical Moment for Cycling

Please donate to support LCC’s work at this critical moment for cycling

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We’ve seen huge progress for cycling in London. Alarmingly though, that progress is under threat at every level. City-wide budgets for active travel have been slashed; obstructive councils are doing everything possible to thwart progress; and fantastic new cycling infrastructure is actually now in danger of being ripped out.

We’ve reached a critical moment. We absolutely must protect the gains made. But more than this, in the face of climate breakdown, congested streets and dangerous air pollution, we must push for London to complete its transformation fast, really become a world class cycling city, really become a city where we can all travel anywhere safely by bike.

LCC’s campaigners are stretched and fighting for cycling at every level in London. Your donation will help increase campaigning capacity at this critical moment, so we can face down these very real threats to progress, and so we can fight and win all the battles we now face.

Support Cycling at This Critical Moment

Please donate to support LCC's work at this critical moment for cycling

A critical moment at city level

Not only has funding for walking and cycling been slashed, internal wrangling at TfL means there is a very real risk that the quality and pace of progress for cycling will be compromised. We must keep up the pressure to make sure cycling and active travel are prioritised by the Mayor and TfL.

A critical moment at borough level

Councils like Kensington & Chelsea, Tower Hamlets, Brent, Havering, Hillingdon and Bromley are now a major block to progress. They control huge swathes of our streets. They remain wedded to an outmoded, regressive approach to transport. And unless they budge, we simply cannot deliver a safe, city-wide cycle network.

A critical moment at local level

During the pandemic cycle routes were rolled out at a rapid rate. This showed how quickly it can be done where there is commitment. But it’s alarming that many of these local improvements are now under threat.


We’ve seen huge progress for cycling in London. Alarmingly, that progress is under threat at every level.

Every penny you donate will help make our campaigning more effective. Your donation will mean LCC can:

Continue to campaign for long-term funding

We need to make sure investment in cycling and active travel is maintained, to tackle the climate crisis and address congestion and air pollution in our capital city.

Step up lobbying of roadblock councils

Individual boroughs now act as major obstacles to delivering a safe cycle network. We need central London to keep moving and outer boroughs to stop dragging their heels.

Design and produce communications materials, bust myths, rebut scaremongering

We need to persuade even more residents and businesses to get behind local infrastructure schemes to ensure everyone in London can make local journeys safely by bike.

Skill up local campaigners

Without the support of our wonderful and dedicated local volunteers and activists we simply cannot win all the battles we face. These people give up their time and we must give them the support they need to beat the ‘bikelash’ in every borough.

Build alliances with progressive businesses and other major organisations

We need to make sure our united voices are heard loud and clear by politicians and planners.

Can’t donate online?

PHONE: 020 7234 9310

POST: Send cheques payable to LCC to:
London Cycling Campaign
Unit 206
The Record Hall
16-16A Baldwin’s Gardens
London EC1N 7RJ


We’ve seen huge progress for cycling in London. Alarmingly, that progress is under threat at every level.


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