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Woman cycling towards camera with big group of people cycling at LCC protest

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We and our local groups across London organise and take part in hundreds of rides and events throughout the year.

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Cycle Rides from LCC


Find a ride route

Fancy a ride, but not sure where to go? Then why not try one of our self-guided routes? Whether you're in the mood for a shorter city ride or a weekend away, there's something for everyone.

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Planning safe cycle routes

There’s an increasingly large network of safe and pleasant cycling routes in London using cycleways, bike lanes (many built thanks to LCC campaigning) and quiet back routes that keep you away from busy motor traffic.

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Attendee at LCC Community Skills Summit 2023 looking at or discussing something important with LCC staff wearing red t-shirts.

LCC Local Groups

Campaigning for local cycling improvements - find your borough's London Cycling Campaign local group meetings

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Woman with children in cargo bike


It’s nice to feel you’ve got that support of both a city-wide campaign and the local element. The team in my area do a huge amount of work and local campaigning that's really making a difference for our family. I think it’s really important for kids that bikes can mean freedom.

Clover from Hounslow


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Woman with Dutch bike and basket standing next to friend