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Bank Junction protest

In response to the recent cycling fatalities in Harrow and at Bank, LCC is planning a flash protest at Bank on Wednesday 24th June.

We will be gathering to remember the victim and highlight the need for safe space for cycling; not just at this location, but across London.

Please meet at Bank junction at 8.30am. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to ride in with other cyclists, we’ll be gathering at two meeting locations:

1) South side of Finsbury Circus at 8am (just north of London Wall)
2) London Bridge, west side, northern end at 8am

Rides will leave these locations at 8.15am

The protest will be held at Bank junction between 8.30-8.45am

More must be done to create high quality space for cycling across London, to enable people of all ages and abilities to ride safely in our city. This includes making lorries safer.

Please direct press enquiries to: 07979757100 or 020 7234 9310

LCC Protest following the recent cyclist fatalities in Harrow and at Bank Junction. Join us to remember the victims and call for safe space for cycling across London.

Check Twitter or Facebook for latest details:
Twitter @london_cycling

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London Cycling Campaign Office 020 7234 9310 (Amy or Stewart)

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8:00am 24 June 2015
8:45am 24 June 2015
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john ackers

LCC what about switching off anonymous commenting?



It's a shame to see a show of solidarity from all road users on my cycle to work today that it's (willfully negligent) business as usual on the capitals roads in the aftermath of another probably needless death. Nearly every cyclist I encounter on my daily commute seems to have a lack of regard first of all for the rules and laws of the road, their own personal safety and more importantly the safety of anyone else around them (Including me!). It's annoying and frustrating to hear self righteous cyclists bleating about safety and how not enough is being done for them when every morning, I see the evidence of what is being done (The construction of the superhighways are well underway now). Fair enough, all road users and pedestrians would benefit from a little more understanding towards each other but if cyclists want to race around like they're doing the Tour de France, they should do it in a velodrome rather than a morning commute to work. Grow up and take some personal responsibility.

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