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Greenwich Cyclists Annual Christmas Quiz

Greenwich Cyclists Christmas Quiz, this Saturday, 15 December 6pm for 8pm Dog & Bell, Princes Street, Deptford, SE8. £1 to enter or bring unwanted pressies as prizes for the victorious team(s!). We will be buying our own food from 6pm, with the quiz starting at 8pm. The questions are darstadly, there will be no use of mobile phones or conferring with (other D&B) locals allowed..

I will bring questions for four teams and a few spare sheets for handing around but recommend that you just complete one sheet of answers per team. I want to say more but had better not!

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Teri 07919 447 316

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6:00pm 15 December 2012
10:00pm 15 December 2012
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Posted by Teresa Griffith at 2:22pm 11 December 2012

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