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Hackney Bikeworkshop

Workshops happen on the 1st 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the month tonight the workshop is at our Stoke Newington site

St Michael's and All Saints Church Hall 22-24 Northwold Road London N16 7ED
Workshops run from 7:00 to 9:00pm and teach all aspects of Bicycle maintenance on peoples own bikes but you are welcome to come if you do not have specific repair on your bike. Introduce yourself to the greeter on the door and they will arrange for a mechanic to teach you. Attendence is free but we do charge for parts and donations are always welcome to pay the rent and buy new tools. Open to all regardless of what borough you are from.
After workshops we tend to go for a drink at Royal Sovereign,64 Northwold Road, London E5 8RL opersite the Hackney Empire from 9:00pm. Further details at http://hackneybikeworkshop.com/ or http://www.hackney-cyclists.org.uk/workshop.htm Photos of the workshop along withphotos of a whole load of other cycle related activities inc. the Tweed Run,Bicycle Polo, the London Bicycle Music Festival, Ciemmona, Cyclocamp at http://www.flickr.com/photos/funny_cyclist

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hackneybikeworkshop@gmail.com, Adam 07940 121 513

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7:00pm 10 January 2012
9:00pm 10 January 2012
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Posted by Hackney Bike Workshop at 9:32pm 19 December 2011

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