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LCC guided rides to Skyride

Our local groups are organising 54 guided rides to the Mayor of London Skyride on 4 Sep. The rides start at locations all over London and one is bound to be near you.
Below is a list of the rides and a link to register on the Skyride website.
Please note that there will also be return rides, the details of which can be found here

Barking 10am http://is.gd/m6JWCt
Barnet 10am http://is.gd/LakZBt
Abbey Wood 9am http://is.gd/3KfqHY
Kingsbury 10am http://is.gd/lG0phE
Gladstone Park 10:30am http://is.gd/Hz9m7u
Bromley 9am http://is.gd/pFxl0q
Crystal Palace 9:15am http://is.gd/OX2Ogo
Swiss Cottage EARLY 10:30am http://is.gd/1xcScy
Swiss Cottage LATE 12noon http://is.gd/DwXAFX
Croydon 9am http://is.gd/dZUcQB
Ealing EARLY 9am http://is.gd/Tq8ImA
Ealing LATE 9:30am http://is.gd/MjEfTb
Ealing EVEN LATER 10am http://is.gd/CHUx04
Edmonton 9am http://is.gd/DcHYzo
Enfield 10:30am http://is.gd/kv1AYB
Cutty Sark 11am http://is.gd/0GQn15
Woolwich 9:30am http://is.gd/syp90r
Eltham 9am http://is.gd/EDyeeF
Stamford Hill 10am http://is.gd/CZYZJP
Hackney EARLY 10am http://is.gd/aeWcOL
Hackney LATE cancelled cancelled
Hammersmith 10am http://is.gd/XStfJF
Fulham 10am http://is.gd/IXlkRJ
Crouch End 9:30am http://is.gd/FK3N7D
Tottenham 10am http://is.gd/n8jRcJ
Harrow 9:30am http://is.gd/sRLGfO
Gidea Park 9am http://is.gd/UkRCyP
Elm Park 9am http://is.gd/NDuR4Q
Ickenham 9am http://is.gd/aot9nq
Hounslow 9:30am http://is.gd/k76F3d
Highbury Fields EARLY 10am http://is.gd/8hT5jK
Highbury Fields LATE 12noon http://is.gd/D7mQak
Kingston 10am http://is.gd/VAKEIu
Streatham 10am http://is.gd/5mGYuQ
Clapham Common 10:30am http://is.gd/TyYDkY
Bell Green 9:30am http://is.gd/L7cS47
Grove Park 9:30am http://is.gd/Xq8ll0
Wimbledon 10am http://is.gd/Gtu71U
Mitcham 9:30am http://is.gd/4WSQoe
Stratford 10am http://is.gd/nGivrZ
Wanstead 9am http://is.gd/hKVZbE
Richmond EARLY 9am http://is.gd/50Lw0L
Richmond LATE 10:30am http://is.gd/MmF6fL
Peckham Rye Park 10:30am http://is.gd/qsUht5
Peckham Rye Park 12noon http://is.gd/W39XfM
Sutton 9am http://is.gd/uPxtC5
Carshalton 9am http://is.gd/cRcWpb
Mile End EARLY 10am http://is.gd/bboUUL
Mile End LATE 11am http://is.gd/kSLOwj
Chingford 9am http://is.gd/LyWCg4
Walthamstow 10am http://is.gd/5ul7e7
Leytonstone 10am http://is.gd/jCq8Jt
Tooting Bec 10:30am http://is.gd/XjJuaZ
Kensal Rise 10am http://is.gd/92sbQI

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12:00am 4 September 2011
12:00am 4 September 2011
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Barking and Dagenham
Skill level

This event has been posted by an individual LCC member, and is not an official LCC event. Although we encourage LCC members to publicise their unofficial cycling events on the LCC website, the publication of such events does not constitute an endorsement of them by LCC. LCC takes no responsibility for this event, and whilst we hope those attending it enjoy doing so, attendance is at their own risk.

Posted by London Cycling Campaign at 1:30pm 18 August 2011

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Hi, I would like to take part in the Sept 4th Central London skyride with my family, 2 adults and 3 kids, but live in Leicester. Am wondering where I could park and ride from to join the route without cycling anywhere dangerous with the 3 kids in tow. Don't know London that well so your list isn't useful for me. Hope you can advise me. Thanks.

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