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Locals rally around Greenwich and Woolwich foot tunnels

Local people in Greenwich, Tower Hamlets, Newham and environs are set to launch a community group with the purpose of protecting and promoting the Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels. These masterpieces of late Victorian civil engineering owe their existence to that working class hero and MP for Woolwich, Will Crooks.

In recent years this vital transport link across the River Thames has been beset by renovation delays and contractual arguments, and political obfuscation on the part of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, which is responsible for the management of the tunnels.

In the form of an extended press release, I have today distributed notice of the forthcoming inaugural meeting of the Friends of Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels. The public meeting on Thursday 5 September will be chaired by a popular local dignitary with an expert knowledge of local industrial history.

Since emailing the press release earlier today, I've received a large number of email messages and phone calls from reporters and others, and on Twitter I was pointed to some enthusiastic discussion of FOGWOFT.

On Friday and Saturday of this week, Ian Blore of Greenwich Cyclists and John Phillips of Lewisham Cyclists will be leafleting by the Greenwich tunnel entrance, and they would appreciate support from others. I shall not be around at the weekend, but as the acting press officer for FOGWOFT I am on call (phone and email) to discuss the project.

Please put the word out, and if you are free on the evening of Thursday 5 September, come to the public meeting and show your support for the Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels.

Link to the FOGWOFT press release...


Copy and cross-post the press release if you will, but if you do this, kindly acknowledge the source, and link back to it. The photo accompanying the press release is © 2013 David Iliff (Wikimedia Commons).

More on FOGWOFT here...



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7:00pm 5 September 2013
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Posted by Francis Sedgemore at 10:30pm 21 August 2013

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