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Sign for Cycling flyering at Vauxhall

One last push to get everyone to Sign for Cycling!

Please join us in the mornings, lunchtimes and after work between 18 and 29 April to make sure the next Mayor really understands how much of a priority making cycling safe and enjoyable for everyone in London is.

For this session, London Cycling Campaign staff will be at Vauxhall from 8-9 am (junction of Albert Embankment and Bridgefoot) to raise awareness of our Mayoral Election campaign. We’ll be handing out flyers and gathering petition signatures from passing cyclists and pedestrians.

Want to join us? Please email us at getinvolved@lcc.org.uk with your name and mobile number so we can contact you on the day in case any plans change (or yes, you can just turn up). And if you’re cycling past, do say hello!

Other sessions are scheduled for mornings, lunch hours and after work between the 18th and 29th, as well as weekend days and evenings in that period. Please join us for a few if you can. More details of all of them at http://bit.ly/sign2016

Want to help support the Sign for Cycling campaign more?

Find other flyering sessions at http://bit.ly/sign2016

Order flyers and other materials to organise your own session here: http://lcc.org.uk/pages/volunteer-1 or by emailing getinvolved@lcc.org.uk

Sign the petition and tell your friends: http://signforcycling.org

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8:00am 26 April 2016
9:00am 26 April 2016
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Posted by Ruth Crumey at 1:31pm 12 April 2016

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