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Our team of four is led by professional mechanic Charlie, with three ace amateurs, Andy, Mike and Bruno. Andy co-ordinates Southwark Cyclists (I’m not sure what that means but I think it must be a bit like herding cats) and Bruno co-ordinates HMG (ditto)

When Andy, Bruno and Mike are baffled, I’m afraid they pass you on to the queue for Charlie but then you will definitely get the best advice cycling experience and hard-earned knowledge can provide.

With his assistants Charlie can index your gears, tighten your brakes, diagnose that squeak and give advice on treatment for your hub gears and bottom bracket. The supporting cast keeps the queue in order (it doesn’t last long but it does build up sometimes) and dispenses maps, gossip and cheerful chat.

You can find us at the crossroads of Lynton Road and Dunton Road. Just across from Cafe Crol. Nice coffee at Cafe Crol. Interesting heritage bike stands.

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text me on 07842 640 207 or email southwark@lcc.org.uk

  • Bike maintenance
5:30pm 18 October 2018
7:30pm 18 October 2018
Third Thursday of the month
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Posted by Southwark at 4:15pm 21 May 2018

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