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Westminster Cycling Campaign meeting with bike hangars guest speaker

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Location: The Sir John Balcombe, 21 Balcombe Street, Marylebone NW1 6HE – in the quiet downstairs room. Food, alcoholic and soft drinks will be available.

We will be joined by guest speaker Lucy Everett from Cyclehoop, which supplies and manages Westminster City Council's secure bike parking hangars. She will present us with facts & figures such as:
- What is a bike hangar?
- Do they require planning consent?
- Where are the existing bike hangars in Westminster (both on-street and off-street)?
- How are they managed and can I apply to rent a space?
- How much does it cost and is it subsidised?
- Where have people suggested new bike hangar locations in Westminster via the Cyclehoop website?

After Lucy's talk, our group will discuss how we can lobby to get a bike hangar on your street. Please join us to find out more.

Also on the agenda:
- Colin's update from LCC HQ
- LCC partnership with Ofo dockless bike hire
- Forthcoming rides and events

We are the local, volunteer group of the London Cycling Campaign. Our group is open to any LCC member who lives, works, studies or cycles in the City of Westminster. We aim to encourage people to cycle, improve conditions for cycling and raise the profile of cycling in Westminster. The majority of our 250 members are Westminster residents. When we write to our local councillors, we are writing to Westminster's councillors. All members are welcome to contribute as much or as little time as they wish. You're welcome to just come to our meetings to listen to what's happening.

Meetings and events

We have six meetings each year. We learn more by discussing opinions and proposals together, so please join us to have your say on the issues that affect you. We organise events such as led cycle rides and Dr Bike events with cycle mechanics, maps and leaflets. Please see the LCC website's events list, which we use to record and advertise our events.


We work with authorities including Westminster City Council, Transport for London, the Royal Parks and the Canal & River Trust. Please see Cyclescape, which we use to invite comments, debate opinions and record our consultation responses.

Other news and discussions

Please see our Twitter account to keep up to date with the latest local news and discussions. You don’t need your own account to view it.

Contact details

Colin Wing / 020 7828 1500 / westminster@lcc.org.uk

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7:00pm 26 February 2018
9:00pm 26 February 2018
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Posted by Westminster Cycling Campaign at 8:54pm 4 January 2018

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