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Trish and Jo - cycle buddies with bikes smiling

Cycle Buddies

Connecting new and experienced cyclists - help and support to start cycling, build confidence, or take on new routes.

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Connecting new & experienced cyclists

We connect people wanting to cycle more with local buddies who want to help them. Buddies can then meet up in your part of London and ride together. What are you waiting for?



Cycle Buddies - seeking a buddy

Do you want a little help to cycle more? We can connect you with experienced people cycling in your area - sign up to Cycle Buddies. It's free!

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Cycle Buddies - helpers

Can you share the joy and freedom of getting around by bike? Our helper buddies give their time to help others.

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Cycle Buddies - Instructors

Create a profile to allow people to search for professional instructors and sign up for lessons.

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Siew-Ching as photographed for London Cyclist Magazine feature on cycle buddies

Siew-Ching's Cycle Buddies story

I’ve lived in London for a long time and I always thought that cycling in London was very dangerous. Slowly but surely my confidence has increased to the extent that I cycle everywhere now, even with it getting dark very early. I feel quite confident in getting home now.


I’m a female rider and I’d like to ride with another woman.

When you create your profile, you can choose to only be matched with riders of the same gender. You can also change this on your profile at any time. No one can choose to only be matched with people of the opposite gender.

I want to find out about Cycle Buddies in the workplace

Encouraging cycling in the workplace has a tangible effect on employees health and wellbeing with the added benefit of reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint. Cycle Buddies connects people who want support to cycle more in touch with more experienced buddies in their local area. Buddies can then meet up and ride together – practicing a safe commute or getting exercise outdoors.

Find out more about Cycle Buddies in the workplace here and find out more about NHS Cycle Buddies here.

Personal safety when meeting your Cycle Buddy

Once you connect with a Cycle Buddy on the platform, it is important to remember that you are dealing with a stranger – please follow our advice below:

  1. Do not reveal your home or work address.
  2. Arrange to meet in a busy public place that you are familiar with, in daylight, and at an agreed time.
  3. Don’t share phone numbers or email addresses
  4. If something doesn’t feel right, then make your excuses and leave. If you feel threatened or unsafe, call the police
  5. Report any concerns using the platform or email cyclebuddies@lcc.org.uk

Feel free to contact the Cycle Buddies team at any time, on this email address. Please contact us right away if you have any concerns about any aspect of the scheme or the arrangements with your Buddy.

How does LCC hold and use my personal information?

Please see our Privacy Policy here.

Still can’t find the information you’re looking for?


Get started on our Cycle Buddies platform today to find local buddies to ride with in your area of London - help and support to start cycling, build confidence, or take on new routes.


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Man and children cycling on cycle lane C4 at safe junction