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LCC protest ride child in cargo bike cycling with family

LCC Campaigners' Conference 2021

LCC's 2021 Campaigners’ Conference took place over 3 sessions, covering climate campaigning, inclusive cycling and this year & next. Watch them here.


3 sessions in September

The LCC 2021 Campaigners’ Conference took place online over three evenings in September. Each session featured three keynote presentations with brief Q&A, and then after a brief interval, a breakout session for participants to discuss the material in the context of London’s local boroughs.

Session 1: Climate Safe Streets

This session looked at transport’s position in climate breakdown, and cycling’s place in the solution.

Speakers: Dr Ashok Sinha (CEO, LCC), Professor Phil Goodwin (Emeritus Professor of Transport Policy, UCL, and Foundation for Integrated Transport); and Eilidh Murray (LCC trustee, and founder, London Living Streets)

Watch here via YouTube (with apologies for missing the first few minutes of the first presentation)

Session 2: When Everyone Cycles

…or, Everyone Cycles When…? We looked at what inclusive cycling means, focussing mainly on two groups that are still underrepresented, Disabled people and women.

Speakers: Isabelle Clement MBE (Wheels for Wellbeing); Ozgur Korkmaz (Londra Bisiklet Kulubu); and Stewart Dring (LCC)

Watch here via YouTube

Session 3: Review and Plans

We looked back over the past year and on to the next, focussing on Behaviour change

Speakers: Clare Rogers (LCC); Sarah Berry; and Dr Tom Cohen (Active Travel Academy/University of Westminster)

Watch here via YouTube (please bear with the introductory moments!)