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With the next Board elections coming shortly, Eilidh Murray explains why you should consider standing.


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Elections to the LCC Board of Trustees are held annually in October. The Trustees play a vital oversight role, ensuring the charity is in good shape and doing its best to meet its goals, while the CEO and staff team are responsible for leading LCC’s campaigning and other work, and running the organisation on a daily basis. Being a Trustee is an important and rewarding role, but what skills are required? Well, unsurprisingly, it helps to be an enthusiastic cyclist of any kind, shape, ability or background. Though people get involved for a variety of reasons.

“As a Londoner I was keen to help reclaim our roads; I saw LCC as an effective pressure group making roads better for cyclists”, says one current Board member. Another adds: “The LCC has offered an avenue to talk to my local council about improving the local cycling infrastructure.” Trustees each have their own local and sometimes national network of contacts, which are useful to foster connections between LCC and other activist groups too.

Once elected, Trustees are encouraged to join one of three committees (Campaigns and Active Membership, Business, and HR) and will be expected to be a ‘link Trustee’ for three or four local groups. This means getting to know them and attending two or three of their meetings during the year. As with life in general, the more you are able to put in, the more you will get out of being a Trustee.

Answering questions

If you want to stand for election, think about why you would like to stand, what you can offer, and if you can commit to giving a minimum of five days per year. We will run a Zoom group on the 25th of July where some of the current Trustees will be answering questions, talking about our committees, the link Trustee network and what you can expect as an LCC Board member. If you’d like to attend, please send us an email.

Demonstrating just how passionate our Trustees feel about the energy of our cycling community, one spoke on behalf of LCC at the Claudia Manera demonstration in Ealing: “While it was a sad occasion, it was also empowering to feel the energy of so many people.” A colleague echoed that sentiment by saying the recent demo at Holborn, although a very sombre moment, “felt really powerful and dynamic with a great sense of community”.

And as LCC grows we need to better reflect our membership and so one of our Trustees has been working with the staff team on diversity and inclusion. In the forthcoming elections, we would particularly like to welcome candidates from different cultural backgrounds, so that they can represent their communities on the Board. Diversity & Inclusion will be a focus in the next edition of the magazine, showing the progress LCC has made and the many new groups we are now working with.

Being a Trustee is an opportunity to make a difference to cycling in London, no matter how small.



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