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Cycle Buddies Trish & Jo

Cycle Buddies One Year On

LCC’s Cycle Buddies project has been matching up cyclists for over a year now. It’s been a huge success and then are many wonderful stories of people trying cycling for the first time or restarting after many years. And we are getting ready to help people with new cycling commutes as many go back to the office.

The project started in Wandsworth, Southwark and Lambeth by LCC volunteers who wanted to help people to cycle during the lockdown. The project was so successful that LCC decided to invest in growing the project and taking it to other London Boroughs. We are now live in 21 boroughs.

Cycle Buddies Near you

Our aim is to help people to cycle more. We introduce new and returning riders to a local cyclist who will ride with them as a buddy. Riding with a helper, our cycle buddies build their confidence on the bike and on the road, explore the quiet streets in their neighbourhood or make a longer journey to work.

In the first year we have

  • Helped over 350 people to cycle more.
  • Supported women to build confidence: we’ve helped more than 220 female riders.
  • Reached out across London’s population: we’ve helped more than 120 people from black and other ethnic communities
  • Reached out across London’s geography: we are live in 21 London boroughs
  • Built a network of more than 600 experienced cyclists ready to offer help
  • Worked with community partners from local cycling hubs and councils through to Wheels for Wellbeing

We want to say a big thank you to the people who have made this possible

Big thanks to everyone who has been thinking of getting a bike out of the shed or trying to ride into work or just get a little exercise and have come to ask us for help. And to all the cyclists who have offered their time and expertise to ride as a buddy with people who want a bit of help.

And finally a big thank you our partners, including Trek Bicycles and Savills Investment Management LLP, who fund Cycle Buddies and make it possible

In the coming year we want to help 1,000 more people to cycle more

We want to support the continued passion and commitment of people offering their time to ride with buddies. And recruit more, especially women. We need more female helper buddies to volunteer and share their passion for cycling with other women.

We need the help of our volunteers who match up buddies and look after them in every borough. We want a new registration system in place so we can minimise the admin our volunteers do so they can focus their time on helping people to cycle.

We need funding to enable us to support our helper buddies, to reach out to new riders and expand into the final boroughs. If your organisation can help support this great project please get in touch with our  Partnerships Team.

And we need to find better ways to connect with people who are thinking of cycling more to let them know how we can help – we are working on this. But if you know someone who wants to cycle but who may need practical or emotional support – send them our way.


But don’t listen to us – here’s what some of our cycle buddies say:

Carol, NHS nurse & cycle buddy

Carol, NHS nurse & cycle buddy: “I would recommend cycling to everyone, for leisure and exercise. I feel happy when I’m riding and afterwards too. Every day I don’t cycle I feel I have missed out.”

Inez and Nigel, Cycle Buddies

Inez had never ridden a bike and wanted to cycle for exercise as she reached retirement. Nigel has taken her to the park, adapted one of his own bikes for her and introduced her to Wheels for Wellbeing to get her started.

Triah and Jo, Cycle Buddies

Trish says: “I used to only ride my bike at the weekends. My buddy Jo has been fantastic. I didn’t feel confident before, certainly not to ride to work, but I can do that now.”

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