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Cycle lanes get camera enforcement

Under new powers, TfL and London's boroughs can enforce cycle lanes by camera, as is the case with bus lanes


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Responding to safety concerns, Transport for London (TfL) is using new powers granted by government to use its camera network to fine drivers who illegally enter cycle lanes. Local authorities, including London boroughs, can use the same powers and some have already said they will do so.

Bus lanes on the TfL red route network, and yellow boxes, are already enforced by cameras. As of June 27th 2022, mandatory cycle lanes marked by a continuous white line will also be enforced by TfL’s cameras, and not just police on the beat, which will mean that cars are more likely to stay out of them and road danger to cyclists will be reduced.

Mandatory cycle lanes do not mean that cyclists must use this space, but rather that drivers may not drive here at any time.

LCC’s view is that vehicles driving in cycle lanes put cyclists in danger and can deter people from choosing to cycle, which is why it’s crucial that investment in cycling provisions is backed up with camera enforcement, just as camera enforcement is used to keep bus lanes clear. We welcome TfL’s use of new enforcement powers do this. It will reduce road danger and further enhance the great value for money that investment in the cycling network brings.

LCC understands that TfL’s new mobile cameras will also be put to use in the enforcement programme so drivers will have to take care not to enter cycle lanes that are not adjacent to known bus lane cameras.

Now that TfL is enforcing using camera technology the onus is on London boroughs to ensure that their investment in cycle lanes and tracks is protected by effective enforcement. Waltham Forest introduced camera enforcement of some cycle lanes in 2023 and other boroughs are considering similar action



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