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Junctions Transformed

Junctions across London are being transformed right now to make cycling safer. We review the builds in progress.


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Junctions are where the majority of cycling collisions happen. Happily, there’s a lot of cycling-related construction work across the city right now – here’s your low-down of junctions being improved across London.


Motor vehicle traffic, except for buses, was restricted from Bank junction on Mondays to Fridays, from 7am to 7pm, back in 2017. This was a huge LCC win that instantly made this once-scary junction much more pleasant. No physical changes were made at the time, except for some small changes during the Covid pandemic, including wand-protected cycle lanes. Now the City of London is improving the public realm and making the junction even more people and cycle-friendly. This includes placing a modal filter at the end of Queen Victoria Street, and closing a portion of Threadneedle Street to motor vehicles.


Construction is finally starting on the latest changes to Holborn, finally improving the area where Shatha Ali and Alan Never were killed cycling in 2022 and 2013 respectively. LCC protested at this infamous junction following both of these tragic deaths, and we were pleased when Camden Council consulted on these changes last year. This follows the changes made within weeks of LCC’s protest in 2021 to the top half of the gyratory system where Dr Martha Krawiec was killed. The long-term solution is to dismantle the one-way system. Camden Council has a plan, but it’s been on hold for years due to lack of funding. The changes being made here have likely already saved lives, and are probably the best example of the success of LCC’s campaigning in how one of the most dangerous junctions in London is finally getting tamed. Get the full tour from Katy below:


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Old Street roundabout

The transformation of Old Street has been years in the making. TfL has been working with Islington and Hackney councils and has stated that works will be completed in early 2023 – changing Old Street back from a massive inner-city roundabout into a series of smaller junctions. In more good news, the protected cycle lanes around the former roundabout are open already.

Lea Bridge roundabout

Cycleway 23 eastbound was recently extended to near the Lea Bridge roundabout. Now we’re excited to see construction has begun taming this terrible junction, providing a link from the fantastic Lea Bridge Road cycle tracks of Waltham Forest down into Hackney.

Pembury Circus

Pembury Circus is fifth on our list of the most dangerous junction on most dangerous junctions for cycling in Hackney, and it’s terrible for pedestrians too. There’s been a total of 229 traffic collisions since just 2017. Locals in Hackney have even come together to campaign here under the name: “More Pembury, Less Circus”. This December it’s been announced that improvements are coming here, for both the junction and Amhurst Road. We’re looking forward to the detailed designs in early 2024 – good work Hackney Council. 


Building works at Lea Bridge

More Pembury, less circus

The infamous palm tree

Lambeth Bridge

Despite multiple former Westminster councillors claiming the palm tree in middle of Lambeth Bridge’s ‘northern’ roundabout is being “chopped” down, the careful relocation of the palm tree from this roundabout to nearby Churchill Gardens leaves space for a major junction redesign. While it’s deeply disappointing that some politicians seem to care more about a palm tree than they do about people’s lives, it’s good news for everyone cycling up the north side of the river as this junction should be finished in mid-2024 – replacing the roundabout with signalised crossroads either side of Lambeth Bridge to separate people cycling from motor traffic.


In 2024, we will be stepping up our campaigning on multiple fronts, including Dangerous Junctions to ensure every cyclist makes it home. Please donate today.

Dangerous Junctions

Discover our work on dangerous junctions, including a report on how to rapidly change junctions using temporary materials, and an interactive map of exactly where people are getting hurt and killed all over London.


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